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The CERARICA Concept

A final word

My mental image of the Asian person is sometimes that of an "affectionate father". I believe the love of this affectionate father as he thinks of his child, and feels genuine happiness as his child grows … this kind of love lies at the foundation of Asian thought.
Recently the NHK television drama "Child of the Earth" created a sensation. Those who saw it know that the central character was a Japanese war orphan named Lu Yixin. In the story, the Chinese foster father who raises the child attempts to dispel suspicion about "his child", who was arrested during the Great Cultural Revolution, by making repeated trips, over several months and in very cold weather, to the Correspondence and Visitors Office in the State Council. Here we could see the fourth room, where the son’s happiness was indeed the father’s happiness as well.

The final scene in "Child of the Earth" suggested the existence of the fifth room. Lu Yixin has grown into a fine young man and becomes a steal engineer. In the story he has vehement arguments with the leader of the Japanese contingent in a Chinese national project that is building a steel factory, and one day, quite fortuitously, they discover that they are father and son. Lu Yixin’s real father asks him to come home to Japan, but Lu also loves China, and as he considers his foster parents he is exceedingly troubled. But in the end he says, "I am a child of the earth", and leaves to work at a steel company in Inner Mongolia. Viewers saw in him no division between Japanese and Chinese, but instead strongly sensed the courageous soul of the traveler in him.

It seem to me that in this drama there were universal ideas … the love between parent and child, feeling that another’s happiness is one’s own happiness, and the idea of making nature flourish, thereby helping the poor people who live there to flourish as well. It is my wish that we work together so that we can say with pride to our children. "Your father and mother accomplished this much for your future".