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The CERARICA Concept

Learning from Eastern thought, and leaving the third room for the fourth and fifth room.our dream

Fundamental to symbiosis thinking is the way in which we regard no-human forms of life. For ages, Eastern peoples have believed that all animals and insects, and even each tree and blade of grass swaying in the breeze, have souls and harbor life. It is an insight for symbiosis with nature. Human beings mustn’t be something special.

Hideo Itokawa says there are three rooms on earth, one for each level of affluence.

[Room One]

Here people seek the minimum they need to live -food, clothing, and shelter- live to obtain them, and sense fulfillment in this.

[Room Two]

In this room, people seek things that are convenient and provide for ease, and they get fulfillment from them. These things are what we call luxuries. In this room things like automobiles and electrical appliances are the symbols of affluence.

[Room Three]

The occupants of this room pursue delight and brain-stimulating things. This is the stage where people sense affluence in things like video games, pinball, and drugs.
We might say that on our earth today, some countries are in the first room and some are in the second room, while Japan and other developed countries have settled into the third room. Now, this third room is fraught with dangers because its affluence knows no bounds. Desires in this room are extremely self-centered, and there is the danger that people will put down roots and settle here permanently. Is there no way to escape from this room? What we need now is the soul of the explorer having the courage to embark on a journey to a new world.

[Room Four]

Up to and including the third room, people are in search of affluence for themselves, but in the fourth room they put their stock in interpersonal relations. Seeing another’s happy face is one’s own happiness, and the gratification of others becomes one’s own as well. In other words, here is a room where people can discover their real selves.

We are directing our efforts toward planting wax trees and making an industry out of scale insects in China’s poor regions because we believe that through the happy faces of villagers we can find richness both in a material sense and in the heart. Once the door to this room opens, we notice that the fifth room lies beyond.

[Room Five]

Here is a world where we put stock in dialogs not only with other humans, but with all living things on the earth. We human have language, but how should we communicate with other life forms? Such communication begins by listening to their voices. Certainly the reason that our earth has been preserved in such beauty is that the things living here communicate with one another in various ways.

When we put the hustle and bustle of the city behind us and sit in the deep forest, we are certain to feel something in the songs of the birds, the chirping of insects, the sunlight filtering gently through the trees, and the rustling of leaves in the wind. Surely the fifth room is a world where humans can communicate not only among themselves, but decipher the languages of other living things to make possible the exchange of information among all of us, thus realizing a world in which all life on earth flourishes. Not just humans but all living things thrive, and that, above all else, will be one’s own joy.

Just as semiconductors brought about an enormous advance in human communication, cetaceans possess CERARICA within their heads, by which they use high-frequency sounds to determine their location and communicate with their companions. In some bees the CERARICA on their bodies serves as language, and they indentify one another by touching antenna. If we could understand how they do this, human communication with them would be no idle dream.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make use of CERARICA and achieve communication … to listen to the words of animals, insects, and plants, and by doing so to lead humanity in a direction where all forms of life flourish more fully, where nature shines ever more beautifully and brightly? This, I believe, is the true meaning of "a symbiosis of people, forest, life".