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The CERARICA Concept

CERARICA NODA becomes a member of the "Society Dedicated to Sustainability" to serve as a model of industry in the 21th century.our dream

Many different countries, industries, and technologies exist, and by combining the characteristics in an integrated manner I think we can resolve the many contradictions the modern world faces, such as resource depletion, environmental problems, poverty, and North-South problems. For instance, United Nations University’s Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI), in which I myself participated, is based on this kind of thinking, for it promotes a concept under which the combining of a variety of industries will completely eliminate waste from the activities of individual industries.

Instead of the Western world view, which is oriented toward developing industry and technology linearly on an individual basis, we must strive toward a cyclical society that integrates and links them, one which recycles everything. In ZERI this is called the"Society Dedicated to Sustainability".
Fritjof Capra, the world-renowned pioneer of the new science, as well as UN University’s rector Heitor Gurgulino de Souza and his adviser Gunter Pauli, point out that this thinking has something in common with the thought and culture of the East, which hold that we should integrate ourselves with nature and be in symbiosis with it.

The development of modern science and technology is based on Descartes’ mechanical world view, which maintains that everything can be explained by regarding all phenomena of the world, including nature, as a single giant machine, segmenting those phenomena as components, and elucidating each. But this thinking has led people to ignore the "connectedness" that links the variety of phenomena. People seek natural things, but agriculture and forestry nevertheless decline; they want safe organic agricultural produce, but still kill off even small bugs with insecticides. Contradictions like these arise from the schism between nature and the cities, and from the division between producers and consumers.

Fritjof Capra says that in building a "Society Dedicated to Sustainability", it is important to extricate ourselves from the Western world view, and to see that all things are connected as a system and interdependent. This thinking is exactly the same as the CERARICA idea of using living things. We don’t need a scientific study to tell us that a forest produces no wastes at all. I believe that CERARICA, which is a product of nature, also holds forth great possibilities as an eco-material, and that it offers a new direction for our dead-end modern civilization.