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The CERARICA Concept

Changing thought patterns : From killing to using life

our dreamIt is important to remember that CERARICA is a product of nature’s workings and the natural cycle; it’s one of the rich blessings of nature that we can enjoy forever  … as long as nature continues.
Since the dawn of history, nature, with its innumerable blessings, has nurtured humanity. All civilizations and cultures have gained knowledge and wisdom from the workings of nature as they mimicked nature and made use of it, which made their advance and development possible.

In recent years global environmental problems have become a major concern, but a number of contradictions have appeared. For instance, while people talk about nature itself and the orientation toward natural things, the forestry and agriculture that constitute their underpinnings are actually declining, and everything continues to concentrate in the cities. What’s more, people who say organic agriculture is good and happily buy organic produce will, in their own homes, make a big scene over a single insect and get out the insecticide to kill it. Contradictions like these arise because society’s orientation until now has been based on the idea of killing … that is, getting rid of … things that are in the way.

Humanity knows about the existence of 1.8 million insect species on the earth today, but we consider only a mere handful of them to be useful (i.e., beneficial insects), while we have considered the rest harmful and killed them.
Only honeybees and silkworms are utilized, and there is no probing research on the use of insects. Insects are considered troublesome and a hindrance to people, so they’re eliminated with agricultural chemicals and insecticides; nature is seen as a dispensable impediment to civilization, so we banish it by developing the land ― it is this idea of killing that has caused the major problems we face today.

Crucial to us in the future will be the idea of utilizing living nature. Wouldn’t it be good if industry were to use a variety of living things as its raw materials? Living organisms themselves are eco-materials that impose no burden on the earth, produce no industrial wastes, and generate no emissions.
This would also give rise to a new agriculture that improves the environment. In just this way, CERARICA, which comes from this idea of utilizing nature, serves as a bridge from the manufacturing industries of our new era to agriculture, forestry, insect industries, and more.
As people around the world demand a focus on the environment and on earth-friendly industries, we believe that yet unknown qualities of CERARICA will make it increasingly important as a natural and highly functional material for new developing industries.