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CERARICA NODA:cultivating the untapped resources of the natural world.

Our corporate philosophy and Business visions are embodied in the Cera Rica Concept.

Cera Rica Noda has been in business for over 180 years. From its earliest days, it has continued to develop original technologies and processes for the utilization of”Cera Rica”:our natural world’s abundance of plant and insect waxes. Cera Rica is pure, safe, and environmentally friendly. We want to be known as a company that cares about living in harmony with nature, a company that is committed to the sound utilization of nature’s resources and sustainable coexistence with all life forms.

Drawing from an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies and research, Cera Rica Noda has engaged itself in the development of various new commercial applications for Cera Rica products, including biodegradable plastic and other eco-materials that pose no environmental threat. We want to assist in the creation of a kinder, recycling-oriented society that produces no harmful industrial wastes and does not burden the environment in any other way.

Dwindling reserves of natural resources in Japan have compelled Cera Rica Noda to look to countries in the developing world as sources of the many natural materials it utilizes in its products today. On another front, however, we have also spearheaded a number of bio-industry ventures driven by technology transfers and a desire to produce better product strains, while simultaneously creating more jobs and helping eradicate poverty from the world’s inland regions. Our Human, Forest and Life Coexistence project in China is one such example. We feel ventures of this kind can be expected to contribute to afforestation, improving the quality of the global environment in turn.

Even as we cultivate the untapped resources of the natural world, Cera Rica Noda is by no means content with the status quo. Indeed, as a company always looking ahead to the future, we want to continue to leave lasting footprints on the society of the present. Step by step, we are advancing toward bringing about a better life in the 21st Century.